RIP Ray Bradbury! Bradbury passed away last night in Southern California (LA Times). Bradbury wrote his famous book Fahrenheit 451 (published in 1953) in the UCLA library on a rental typewriter. As published in USA Today, “Typewriters cost 10 cents a half hour to rent. He said he carried a sack full of dimes to the library and completed the book in nine days, at a cost of $9.80.” In 2011, UCLA named its Café 451 in honor of Bradbury’s book. 

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UCLA Medical School’s drive to graduate Latino doctors


The UCLA Medical School started the IMG program which seeks to address the linguistic and cultural barriers that stand between most U.S. doctors and their Latino patients. (Courtesy of UCLA International Medical Graduates)

What do you do when your state has a 39 percent Latino population but Latino physicians are only 5 percent of doctors?

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The autumn of 1950- “because I wanted  to improve my mind and learn how to deal better with people in groups”- she enrolled in a noncredit evening course in world literature at the University of California at Los Angeles. Appearing without makeup and in blue jeans she bought at an Army-Navy store, Marilyn seemed more like a shopgirl than an ambitious studio starlet. Her classmates remembered nothing remarkable about her in class except for the jeans, which were not ordinary apparel for women in 1950. But the instructor, Claire Seay, recalled that Marilyn was attentive and modest; Marilyn enjoyed the course and attended faithfully every Tuesday for ten weeks. 
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The rise of the bond barons: Bill Gross and Larry Fink run very different operations, but they share California roots and other similarities.

One point on which the two men agreed: The public’s outrage at Washington and Wall Street is legitimate.
“I’m actually very happy with Occupy Wall Street,” said Fink, a lifelong Democrat. “I’m going to admit it as part of the financial community: We let down a lot of people.”

Photo:   Bill Gross, left, founder of Pimco, and Larry Fink, co-founder of BlackRock, laugh during a rare public appearance together at a UCLA Anderson business school alumni event in Beverly Hills on Thursday. They graduated within five years of each other. Credit: Bloomberg

I helped with the behind-the-scenes of this event! woop woop, Anderson! :)