happy easter

Yeeeaaahhhh… Ummm… No.

haaaaaale no

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RIP Trayvon Martin

gives me chills

He didn’t do a damn thing wrong

I’m gonna reblog this every time I see it because never forget.

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My Favorite Songs of 2013.

2013 surprised me with all of its great music! It took me some time to narrow it down and I managed to make it to a top 40, larger than my lists in the past. So here it is. Enjoy :)

 40. “Blurred Lines” – Robin Thicke feat. Pharrell and T.I: I’m not here for the skeevy lyrics but damn this song is groovy. It’s quite circus-y, very silly, and a 2013 success story.

39. “Bodysnatcher” – AMALIA: A distorted, industrial, soulful song that is slow-burning and ends up putting you in a trance. So good.

38. “Secondary (feat. Problem)” – RL Grime: RL Grime produced a highly underrated monster track with this one. While Problem tried his best with his lighthearted T-Pain-esque auto-tuned singing, the production held all the weight and then some.    

37. “Work (feat. BANKS)” – Lil Silva: Yaaaas to this funky dance banger! I’m automatically transported to some underground LDN party when I hear this song. Gun fingers in air and all. Endless vibes and the start of a bountiful relationship between one of my favorite new artists this year, BANKS, with mega-talented (and mega-cute) Lil Silva.   

36. “Suit and Tie” – Justin Timberlake feat. Jay-Z: The feel-good song of the year! JT started a dapper movement with this one. More than anything, it was a really good stab at the 2013 musical landscape by a legend reentering the game.

35. “Fine China” – Chris Brown: CB is singing is little heart out on this old-school inspired track. The beat gives me major Michael Jackson-vibes and is an undeniably catchy tune.

34. “Twerk It” – Busta Rhymes: For having one of the “words of the year” in its title, this song is refreshingly pleasant and enjoyable even! Busta’s Jamaican patois is brill and the Pharrell-production is perfect and oh so underrated.

33. “Crush” – Jai Paul: While the circumstances for which this happened absolutely sucked, I was so excited to get an album’s worth of demos/unfinished songs from mystery man Jai Paul. This song stood out from the rest, albeit it being a cover. He turned it out and breathed new life into this 90s radio hit. It was also great to hear him sing semi-clearly over this funky, guitar-led rework.

32. “Voices (feat. Sasha Keable)” – Disclosure: Can I just say how unbelievable this song is live??! GAWD. Sasha’s soulful, characteristic voice paired with this bouncy and hypnotizing Disclosure beat is magical.

31. “My Party” – Icona Pop feat. Zebra Katz: Icona Pop’s album this year was disappointingly underwhelming but this non-album gem was dropped and served as a beacon of hope for what Icona Pop could potentially sound like in the long run. It’s unapologetic-ly emo-glam, if that’s a thing. “Sad gurl” anthem status!  

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that’s that “CAN’T TELL ME (and the ancestors) NOTHING” face

yaaas, go Hannah!!!!

go iiiiin

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